Ashley Stockingdale has it all together, until it all starts coming apart. Her demanding new job comes complete with a playboy boss, her steady beau finds commitment a scary concept and her adorable puppy hasn't a clue about appropriate indoor behavior. Trying to keep her boss at arm's length, train her dog and lure her boyfriend into a jewelry shop has Ashley's head spinning. She does not need an ex-boyfriend to step back into her life.

Kevin may be a doctor with leading man good looks, but she could resist him when he didn't share her Christian beliefs. Now that he's an enthusiastic new Christian, how can she discourage his romantic attentions without damaging his faith? Billerbeck takes readers on another fun romp with a serious edge in this sequel to What a Girl Wants. Ashley's character displays plenty of angst, with less whine than is often found in chick lit. (Jul., 288 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson