A fascinating story of a battle between good and evil set on an alternate earth, with medieval trappings. The powerful characters, and the discoveries the heroine makes about herself, make for a spellbinding romantic adventure.

Lord Rhys Blackwell, the last full-blood Bringer Shield, is all that stands between mankind and the Demon Bane. When he senses another Bringer and finds her being attacked by the Bane Icarus, he rescues her. Ravyn Mayfield, raised in a abbey, knows she has unusual powers and fears she may be a Bane, having no knowledge of who her parents were. As Rhys attempts to keep Ravyn safe from the Demon King Vile, he realizes that she may also be a full-blooded Bringer. Rhys could use all the help he can get to protect humans from the Bane. (ENTANGLED, 2011, 330 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley