Image of Shield of Winter (Psy/Changelings)


Image of Shield of Winter (Psy/Changelings)

Many of superstar Singh’s characters are damaged in some way, but none more so than Psy Arrow and TK-V Vasic. Tortured and molded into the perfect soldier and assassin, Vasic feels beyond salvation. Fans of Singh’s spectacular Psy/Changeling series have been anxiously awaiting Vasic’s story, and they won’t be disappointed! No one beats Singh when it comes to showcasing mesmerizing individual stories while making important leaps in a magnificent world-building mythos.

The danger to the Psy-Net is growing as a lethal contagion is spreading murderous insanity. Kaleb Krychek has a theory that the long despised Psy-E designation could be the key to stopping the disease. But to test this theory, the Es (empaths) must wake and use their powers. Ivy Jane is an E whose abilities were “rehabilitated” years ago, and it nearly destroyed her. Vasic doesn’t want to be part of this experiment, but upon meeting Ivy Jane, he changes his mind. Vasic will stand as her shield against all comers as Ivy attempts this most dangerous task. (BERKLEY, Jun., 432 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith