In the fall of 1215 gentle Anna de Limoges travels with armed guards from the village established for her work to the Abbey of St. Stephen. Anna is gifted with a special inner vision which enables her to craft beautiful works. Shes bringing her latest artistic creation to Father Michael who will then deliver it to King John. Swen Siwardson, a Norseman, joins the party at their evening camp just before an attack by brigands who seek to steal one particular treasure: Anna herself.

Swen has seen Anna before, in his own precognitive dreams, which he considers a curse. He feels compelled to stay and protect Anna even after Father Michael makes him vow that she will remain a virgin. If she loses her virginity, she loses her gifts.

Swen resists desire for Anna. And as she ponders the meaning of her new feelings she learns from him that there is more to life than her work.

Sharon Schulze deftly draws Medieval village life. Her visionary hero and heroine are such appealing and absolutely believable characters that it is easy to understand and accept their psychic gifts. A fine addition to the authors LEau Clair Chronicles, and one that will make readers look forward to more! SENSUAL. (Dec., 264 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger