Cleverly plotted and action packed,
this is a terrific read -- guaranteed
to satisfy. As usual, Faythe's first-
person perspective adds color and immediacy to the story.

Werecat war is brewing, and though still reeling from her brother Ethan's death, Faythe Sanders and her pride are in the thick of things. Calvin Malone has mounted a daring challenge to Faythe's father's claim to the Chair of the Territorial Council -- involving giant hawk-like creatures called thunderbirds. The other council members are scrambling to avert civil war, but a bloody clash seems inevitable.

An attempt at getting Faythe, Manx and Kaci -- the pride's three tabbies -- to safety backfires badly, placing them at the mercy of the thunderbirds. Only Faythe's sketchy negotiating skills give her the chance to save Kaci's life, but to do it, she must venture into Malone's territory, with only her lover, Marc Ramos, and Malone's stepson, Jace, for backup. Even success doesn't guarantee peace, but Faythe must try. (MIRA, Mar., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker