Image of The Shifter


Image of The Shifter

Johnson returns to her world of the Shifting Plains with a story of a man on a mission that leads him to danger and love. In this book, Johnson explores another culture through the eyes of a stranger who must blend in secretly. There is plenty of intrigue and distress, but also humor and a lovely romance for readers to sink their teeth into. Johnson knows how to tell a terrific tale!

Kenyen Sin Siin of Clan Cat is part of the hunt for renegade shifter “curs” from Family Mongrel who have been robbing, raping and killing. These shifters don’t take animal shape, but rather kill individuals and assume their identities. During his hunt, Kenyen stumbles across Traver Ys Ten of the Nespah region, who is running from the curs who have already assumed the identity of a local townsman. To save Traver when they are caught, Kenyen pretends to be a renegade and agrees to assume Traver’s identity to help the curs. Solyn’s recent “betrothal” to Traver is a ploy to protect her from arrogantly aggressive Tunric. However when Traver returns claiming memory issues from a fall, Solyn senses something different about him. Solyn was never attracted to Traver before, but now she is reconsidering. (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith