Image of Shifter's Claim (The Shadow Shifters)


Image of Shifter's Claim (The Shadow Shifters)

The Shadow Shifters return and continue to please! Threats of exposure and new, dangerous enemies drive the action and intensity to new heights. Arthur continues to do a splendid job of portraying an intriguing subculture, complete with compelling adventures and sizzling interludes.

Sebastian “Bas” Perry is the faction leader of shapeshifters in the mountain region and his focus has been on protecting the Mexican border against drugs and weapons smuggling by the rogues. While in D.C. for faction business, Bas encounters irresistible reporter Priya Drake. Pressured by blackmail and threats against her family, Priya is being coerced into uncovering the truth about the existence of shifters. And when she sees Bas shift, she knows it’s just the break she needs. Bas is deeply drawn to Priya and, against his better judgment, he keeps her close while he faces ever growing danger. Bas knows better than to get involved with a human woman, but he can’t seem to stay away — and neither can she. (ST. MARTIN’S, Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins