SHIFTERS presents a fascinating variety of paranormal tales. Horror, gallantry, sacrifice and magic are found within its pages.

In "Midnight's Door" by Ms. Toombs, Dara returns to Volek mansion, the place where she grew up, and soon hears her dead twin's spirit calling her. What does he want, and what force called him there?

Myra Nour's "Demon Killer" tells the story of a woman raped and impregnated by an officer of a demon race and demonstrates the amazing power of a mother's love to triumph over hatred.

While out trying to conquer a castle, the new Baron Kittern finds himself in danger of being conquered when he falls for the bewitching guardian of the forest. Find out what secrets he discovers in "The Tower" by Jennifer Dunne.

In "Honor Bound" by Robin Bayne, Dek finds that time travel, even for an advanced race such as his, can be dangerous—and there is more to the human male than just the ability to father offspring.

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Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley