Image of Shifting Selves (Elements, Book 2)


Image of Shifting Selves (Elements, Book 2)

Marshall has natural rivals fighting for a common cause in her amazing second Elements entry. Marked by a stellar attention to detail, clever humor, undying friendships and familial angst, this is a story to be savored. An unlikely villain and charming wereotters add to this worthwhile read.

Aidan is an elemental, gifted — or cursed — with the dual powers of water and fire. Water, she can handle. When fire emerges, it can drive her insane. The FBI assigns her and her half-sister, Sera, to find a missing teenage shifter and his girlfriend. Aidan’s off-again werebear hottie, Mac, claims their community doesn’t need her help. When the couple returns, they are in a catatonic state and can no longer shift. After Aidan and her friends are almost destroyed in a car crash that’s far from accidental and Mac goes missing, she ramps up her search. (MATCHBOOKSPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)


Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown