Image of The Shimmer


Image of The Shimmer

This fast-moving blend of the mysterious, the historical and the paranormal is smart and fascinating. The characters are well drawn and psychologically interesting as the tension escalates and the secret to a longtime mystery is revealed.

When police officer Dan Page comes home to find his wife, Tori, inexplicably missing, he follows her trail to Rostov, a small, isolated Texas town. Tori is drawn to the place where, as a child, she saw strange lights dancing in the sky. The lights bring her a peace and happiness she's been missing, and not only her. Hundreds of people come. For some it's a miracle; for others, a source of frustration or anger. When violence erupts, Dan and Tori investigate. Also in the area is a military site run by a commander who knows some of the history of the lights and their powers. The lights have always been there, but what do they mean? (VANGUARD, Jul., 352 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor