Image of Shine


Image of Shine

Set in a poverty-stricken southern town, this coming-of-age novel draws the reader in with vivid descriptions, beautiful prose and complex characters. Myracle effectively shines light on some touchy topics, without ever pressing the reader with her own opinions, but instead sharing a heartbreaking yet joyful story of love, loss and redemption.

After Cat goes through a painful experience, instead of letting the memory go she withdraws from her small, southern-town community, as well as her child-hood best friend, Patrick. When he falls victim to a brutal hate crime, despite what the sheriff is saying Cat knows it was someone residing in there town, and takes it upon herself to come out of her shell and solve the crime. (Amulet, May, 376 pp., $16.95, ISBN: 9780810984172, 15 & up)

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Kelly Brennan