Image of The Shining Girls: A Novel


Image of The Shining Girls: A Novel

This intense thriller packs punches that will leave you reeling. The seemingly random time-travel device keeps you guessing and hoping for something to happen to save the girls. The villain is
a chilling sociopath whose crimes are vicious and upsetting, but the heroine is brave and determined. It’s a great story that leaves you wanting more.

In 1989, Kirby barely survives a brutal attack and several years later, while working as a newspaper intern, researches murders with similar aspects in an attempt to find her attacker. With the help of a jaded sportswriter, she uncovers unsettling information that seems to indicate that similar murders occurred over the span of 60-plus years. Even more puzzling, items found at the murder sites appear to be from future time periods. When Kirby’s attacker, Harper, overcomes his shock upon learning that Kirby is still alive, he is determined to finish the job. Kirby is the only survivor since Harper began time traveling in 1931 and stalking “the shining girls” through the decades. (MULHOLLAND, Jun., 368 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan