Image of Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong


Image of Shipwrecked with Mr. Wrong
SHIPWRECKED WITH MR. WRONG (3) by Nikki Logan: Rob Dalton, self-proclaimed “shipwreck hunter,” may have been on his boat out in the Indian Ocean for too long after he thinks he catches a glimpse of a mermaid. When he gets a closer look, the woman swimming to shore doesn’t have a fin, but she is wearing a skimpy yellow bikini. Distracted by her beauty, he crashes his powerboat into a coral reef. Honor Brier lives on the island eight months out of the year and isn't used to having visitors, but maybe he can fix the boat within a few days and she can be back on her own again tending to the island wildlife. Rob, a playboy at heart, just may find some way to wiggle into Honor’s heart for good. Readers will be charmed by the beautiful backdrop of western Australia that’s described so well but may find the story a bit slow moving.
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Jaime A. Geraldi