What would Christmas be without a visit from Debbie Macombers three interfering angels? This year the three are anxious to get back to Earth after being banished to the Heavenly Host Choir as punishment for their last adventure. The Archangel Gabriel thinks that he has just the case that will make the three say Uncle.

Greg Bennett had lived his life completely to please himself. From his college days, when he left his girlfriend after she became pregnant, to the Uncle and Aunt he he refused to help, to his own brother, who he fought with after their mothers funeral, Greg was always looking out for Greg.

Now in the midst of his third divorce, with the vines at his winery falling victim to a strange blight, he seems certain to lose everything. Alone on Christmas, he finds a church. His prayers summon Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, who are determined to help a person who seems beyond help.

Perfect for the holiday season, this little book is the perfect gift for the person you know who truly needs the Christmas spirit. Just dont forget to reward yourself with a copy as well. (Nov., 144 pp. $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson