Abby Chastain's ex-husband publicly humiliates her on his radio show. As if that weren't bad enough, shortly thereafter he ends up a victim in a bizarre double murder. While the spouse is always a prime suspect, Detective Reuben Montoya quickly concludes that Abby is not the killer -- but she may still be connected.

When another man and woman turn up murdered together, the New Orleans police realize they have a nasty serial killer on their hands. But how are the victims chosen -- and why? The closer Montoya gets to Abby, the more he suspects that her family's past and its connection to an old, decaying asylum are the keys.

Fan favorite Reuben Montoya is front and center in his own book in bestseller Jackson's amazingly creepy thriller. Jackson has worked hard to perfect her storytelling skills and it shows in this tautly plotted and terrifying new suspense tale. Hair-raising to the extreme! (Apr., 421 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith