SHIVER (4.5) by Jo Leigh: When cartoonist Carrie Sawyer goes on a week-long ghost-hunting trip to Crider Inn, a secluded destination outside of Denver, she’s more concerned about the wi-fi service than the world-famous hauntings. Her attention quickly shifts to the inn’s proprietor, Sam Crider, who is nothing like the geeky guys she usually dates. They’re an unlikely couple, but see in each other kindred, skeptical spirits. Carrie is a cynic when it comes to love, and isn’t in the market for anything other than no-strings-attached vacation sex. By the end of the week, will Carrie and Sam find themselves believing in ghosts … or love? Smart, funny and awash in pop-culture references, Shiver is exactly the type of book that’s needed to attract new readers under 30 to contemporary romance.
Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer