This is a wild ride that takes an outlandish premise and runs with it. SHOCKING BEHAVIOR is part sci-fi fantasy, part romance and part caper story. What fun!

Having grown up as the son of an eccentric scientist, J.T. Drake is not surprised to get a phone call from his father's neighbor Wanda complaining about strange lights and noises coming from Professor Hershel Drake's home.

Consequently J.T. returns to Pecan Grove, TX to spy on his father. This covert action turns out to be a major mistake when J.T. sneaks into the lab and accidentally triggers the electromagnetic refractor. Regaining consciousness, he is horrified to discover he is invisible.

When Professor Drake realizes what has happened, he frantically calls his partner, Dr. Roselyn Peabody, for assistance. Roselyn and the professor have worked long hours trying to perfect the refractor. They're thrilled it works, but don't know how to make J.T. visible again.

(Aug., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith