After six years acting as a guide to aid workers and journalists in war-torn Limbasa, Luke Cardasian is back in New York and dealing with culture shock. In fact, he finds much about U.S. culture distasteful—especially Callie Ryder, late-night radio host to the hot and sensual. When he is hired to protect her on a book tour, he's horrified yet highly attracted to her. Callie, who doesn't trust romance or men, has made a successful life by being shocking and provocative. Recently though, she's been wondering if she's losing herself in her edgy public persona. When Luke thinks he can tell her what to do, it brings out all her rebelliousness. Shockingly Sensual (4) by Lori Wilde is a hot, sexy adventure with a very attractive hero and a heroine who shows real emotional growth.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor