In Halle’s second book of the Artists trilogy, she spins a tale about broken hearts attempting to mend at a snail’s pace and an undying love that’s as persistent as a telemarketer’s phone calls. The trio of main characters will occupy readers’ thoughts until the saga is completed. On a side note, the F-bomb is dropped more than a handful of times, but it is done graciously and timed perfectly. All in all, this is a brilliant follow-up to a wondrous debut. Book three, where are you?

Ellie Watt must make a do-or-die decision in order to keep Camden McQueen safe. She has a dangerous past that could threaten Camden’s existence, and she has no other choice but to take off with her ex, Javier Bernal. Ellie has a feeling Javier has something up his sleeve to destroy both Camden and herself, so she must find a way to defuse his wicked intentions. Now, Camden has to figure out how to save the woman he loves even if that means he must undertake vengeful action to complete his task. Will his fight for love prove to be successful, or an eternal failure? (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi