Image of Shot Girl: An Annie Seymour Mystery


Image of Shot Girl: An Annie Seymour Mystery

Olson continues a winning streak with her latest Annie Seymour outing. The police beat reporter is feisty as ever with her tangled personal and professional lives. Annie remains in her old New Haven neighborhood and is surrounded by terrific characters, many of whom work in different aspects of the law enforcement and the legal system, which makes investigating cases quite interesting. This first-rate mystery will not only keep you guessing, it will provide fun and laughter along the way.

Annie doesn't go looking for trouble, but it usually finds her. When she attends a bachelorette party for a newspaper colleague, she ends up outside a club, next to a dead man who happens to be the ex-husband she hasn't seen in 15 years! Not bad enough? Well, the bullet shells around his body match the gun she had in her car.

Before Annie can get her head around what's happening, she's become a person of interest. Her past is about to become her present, so to avoid becoming the latest headline, she better start investigating. (OBSIDIAN, Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers