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Image of Shot Through Velvet: A Crime of Fashion Mystery


Image of Shot Through Velvet: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Lacey Smithsonian, her wacky friends and her fellow journalists at the Eye Street Observer are back for another fashionable murder. The characters are their usual fun, quirky selves and the fashion tips will make any clotheshorse nod wisely. However, Lacey’s out-of-character-for-the-sake-of-the-plot moves near the end will make the reader wince.

Lacey thinks she’s working on a story about the closing of Dominion Velvet, one of the last velvet-making plants in America, when the plant manager is found shot to death and tied face-down in a vat of blue dye. One of the former plant workers claims it’s the work of the Velvet Avenger. But when the Velvet Avenger strikes again, this time a little closer to Lacey’s world, she is even more determined to help her ex-cop boyfriend Vic find the killer, hopefully in time for her friend Stella’s wedding, which is turning into a killer event in its own way. (OBSIDIAN, Feb., 336 pp., $6.99)
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Rhomylly Forbes