Free-spirited professional clown Annie Parker is itching to take a vacation and is in the process of clearing her schedule to hook up with a friend overseas. Meeting ex-Mountie turned security expert Mark Saunders and his niece throws a wrench in the works: Mark's in a bind because his regular nanny is sick, and he somehow convinces Annie to substitute for a couple of weeks. It's a recipe for disaster; Mark's a control freak, his home is a fortress, and Annie's not the most disciplined thinker at the best of times. Even though they're virtual opposites, the chemistry between them is mind-blowing, and both resolve to explore it before it's time for Annie to go…if she can remember why she wants to! Nancy Warren makes her Duets debut with SHOTGUN NANNY (4), a fun, provocative, not-soon-forgotten tale with a wonderfully offbeat heroine. (#078)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer