Image of Show and Tell (The Fortune Hunter Books)


Image of Show and Tell (The Fortune Hunter Books)

Some hot sex, a minor mystery and Trinity's struggle to grow and take charge of her life make this an entertaining story. But the characters show
a lack of judgment. Some of the actions taken by Trinity and Scott -- as well as those of a few of the secondary characters -- may make you wince.

Trinity has always been Miss Perfect society girl. But when she finds her husband of six months in a clinch with another woman, she vows to take control of her life. Not only does she want to get rid of her husband, she also wants to experience some of the passion she witnessed. A chance meeting with business exec Scott leads to the discovery that she likes sex and passion -- with a little risk thrown in. Trinity agrees to continue their affair as long as she can retain her anonymity. Soon they're flirting with danger as they explore their fantasies of voyeurism and exhibitionism. As the sex heats up, their business and family relationships spin out of control. (Berkley Sensation, Jul., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan