This is a wonderful, heartwarming romance. The bit of mystery surrounding the meteorite enhances its appeal.

Meteorite hunter Jack Lanett has found the most valuable space rock in the world, one that could prove there is life on other planets, and now Charlie Berglund wants him for her literary subject. When Jack first agrees to the interview, he is under the impression that Charlie is a man. But her gender helps him concoct a plan.

Jack has a past he doesn't want exposed, so he proposes an alternative to the book—a marriage of convenience. Seeing the offer as insurance to Charlie's pending adoption of a little girl from China, she agrees.

Things progress smoothly, until the assigned social worker asks Charlie for a favor. A 9-year-old girl needs a place to stay after her mother is murdered. Charlie takes her in and Jack starts to play the part of devoted husband. Soon he begins to see what a real marriage could be like.

(Jul., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley