Boston P.I. Sunny Randall is one of the prolific Mr. Parker's most intriguing characters—cool yet passionate, tough yet vulnerable, confident yet very self-aware. In her third adventure, she agrees to protect bestselling romance writer Melanie Joan Hall from her creepy psychiatrist ex-husband, Dr. John Melvin, who's stalking her. Dr. Melvin is very good at manipulating women—and an extremely dangerous man. To trap him, Sunny goes undercover as a new patient, engaging in a razor's edge battle of wits with life and death stakes.

Parker just gets better and better! His plotting is as finely tuned as a Swiss watch and his insights into the heart are keen. Sunny, her still-beloved ex-husband Richie, best friend Spike, and mini bull terrier Rosie, not to mention Melanie Joan, are all people you'd want to know, while John Melvin is a truly terrifying villain. Parker's dialogue crackles with wit and authenticity as the story races along at breakneck speed to a nail-biting conclusion. (Sep., 289 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie