P.I. Sean Russel did not order any work done on his garden. So he's not pleased to discover that his sister did. Luckily, the person she hired, Violet Amelia Conner, aka Leah, convinces Sean to let her work: Leah ends up having to rescue Sean when he's kidnapped by some thugs.

Very attracted to Sean, Leah is drawn into his investigation, which involves the stalking of a soap star. Danger comes when the stalker decides to use Leah as bait to get to Sean, whom he wants away from the object of his obsession.

This is a pleasurable read and a moderately suspenseful story. At times the action becomes repetitious and the book reads like three loosely connected stories. Sean and Leah are likable but tend to make unwise choices, and the police come across as rather slipshod in their actions. (May, 237 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley