Fantastic! DiPlacido writes with humor and passion. The characters are well written and likable, and the shifting point of view is orderly and allows readers to mark the growth in the characters’ development. Love scenes are hot and inventive, but the attraction between the protagonists outside of the bedroom is just as enthralling. Readers will adore this unexpected gem that perfectly blends humor, sex and a satisfying storyline.

Isabella Santillo is unlucky in love, but lucky at the poker table. When a prize from a virtual tournament allows her to travel to Las Vegas, Izzy is ecstatic. She will be that much closer to her secret crush, Nick Nolan. But she worries that he won’t find her attractive. Izzy intrigues Nick from the moment he sees her. However, he’s fallen for women before, only to find out that they are gold diggers. After watching Izzy play, Nick decides that she has real talent and offers to tutor her. But will the student instruct the teacher about the real meaning of love and relationships? (NEON, Mar., 424 pp., $15.75)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart