Image of Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby (Harlequin Presents #2772)


Image of Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby (Harlequin Presents #2772)
Vincenzo and Emma Cardini had a whirlwind romance and quick marriage. It all soured when it seemed that Emma couldn't have children. She didn't realize she was pregnant until they went their separate ways. Now Emma is in financial trouble. She contacts Vincenzo in hopes of getting a divorce and settlement. But he isn't interested in ending their marriage, and he's even more incensed when he learns he's a father. Before she knows it, Emma is playing the wife and must decide if she wants to fight to make it real. There's no doubt that this couple belongs together in Sharon Kendrick's Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby (2). But in trying to repair the relationship, they can be quite cruel to each other. After all they go through, it seems too easily fixed at the end.
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Sandra Garcia-Myers