Image of The Sicilian's Baby Bargain (Leopardi Brothers)


Image of The Sicilian's Baby Bargain (Leopardi Brothers)

THE SICILIAN'S BABY BARGAIN (3) by Penny Jordan: The Leopardi family has been looking for the child their late half-brother Antonio fathered. Then Falcon Leopardi learns that Antonio treated Annie Johnson in the most abominable way and then refused to recognize his child. Annie has been struggling to raise her son while hiding from her own stepbrother, who wanted her to give the child up for adoption. Then Falcon shows up and offers his protection so the boy will grow up a Leopardi. Annie is both grateful and afraid after Antonio's treatment of her. Neither expects the growing attraction between them. Jordan handles a sensitive subject with care. While there are no real sparks here, this is an old-fashioned (in the good sense) love story that builds step by step.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers