Dresden Files fans will rejoice to have this collection available to them in one anthology. The stories vary in length and quality (Butcher admits in one introductory piece that “Restoration of Faith” is not his best work), from the brief “Vignette” to the lengthy “Aftermath.” All of Harry’s sidekicks are here, with some assuming the narrator duties, including Harry’s half-brother Thomas. Themes range from amusingly lighthearted (“Day Off”) to morally complex (“The Warrior” — the best piece here). Included are introductory riffs written by Butcher to provide background for each story, making
this not just a great introduction to the series for newcomers curious about The Dresden Files, but an absolute must-have for admirers.

A collection of stories featuring wizard Harry Dresden, this anthology gathers together hard-to-find and never-published tales, including “Restoration of Faith,” the first Dresden short piece Butcher wrote. (ROC, Nov., 432 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter