Descriptive prose and likable characters will have readers absorbed in this tale of redemption and love. The plot development is seamless, and the love scenes are sensual. But the challenges the protagonists face are somewhat formulaic. Overall, this is an exciting story with well-rounded characters that's sure to entertain.

Artist Rowan Bradley is ready to start a new life after a traumatic divorce. Little does she suspect that the permanent houseguest at Garvey Castle will become important to her future - or that he will unlock more than a sleeping passion inside her.

Sidhe warrior bard Cullen has been placed under a curse by the goddess Danu for refusing her charms. Now he's confined to the walls of the castle and will only be free once he completes three tasks. But Cullen's desire for freedom is overshadowed by the love he has for Rowan. Is their love strong enough to break the curse and withstand the power of a scorned goddess bent on revenge? (, dl $5.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart