The fresh voice of June Calvin be- guiles us with a tale of unexpected love in the country.

All Jack Stanwell, Viscount Maitland, wants is to crawl into a corner somewhere and nurse his wounds. Literally. Still recovering from a serious injury at Waterloo that almost cost him his leg, the last thing he wants is to do the pretty with a bunch of giggling belles. So when he finds out that the male shooting party he plans to attend will involve ladies as well, he does not react well indeed.

For her part, Miss Amanda Garfield is not impressed with her brothers rude guest when he expresses his dismay over the situation. She knows that one look at her lovely twin sister Penelope will change his mind.

Then, a curious thing happens. It is Amanda who continues to catch his eye and tug at his heart, even as he considers courting the more beautiful twin. And one fateful boating expedition will change everything

Ms. Calvin marvelously entwines superior characterization and deft plotting into a complex love story that shines with excellence. (July, 218 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer