The final volume in the Trails West Trilogy centers on Sierra Larson, who was adopted by Holly and Lester Alden as a small child. Sierra is a spoiled young woman who always gets what she wants, until she meets Ramsey "Ram" Hunter.

When Sierra hears gossip about two white Indians, a brother and sister who live near Denver, she is convinced they are her long lost siblings. She begs Ram to take her with him to Colorado and, when he refuses, she schemes her way onto his stagecoach and into his heart.

Though Ram rages at Sierra's appearance, he saves her when she gets into trouble. Sierra returns the favor when she saves him from Indian captors, claiming one of them as her brother.

Being reunited with her family causes more problems for Sierra. When Ram refuses to take Sierra as his wife and an old suitor of hers arrives, Sierra confronts Ram and the secrets in his past that threaten to tear them apart. More adventures and trials await Sierra before she can claim the man she loves.

SIERRA is a fast-paced story with loads of frying-pan-into-the-fire adventure. Sierra is a real spitfire and Ram is the only man strong and stubborn enough to tame her. Ms. Mason has written a definite winner! SENSUAL (July, 440 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager