Image of Sight Unseen


Image of Sight Unseen

Futuristic author C.J.
Barry takes a new name and a new direction in
her first romantic thriller that is laced with the paranormal. The character
of Raven Callahan has her own moral code that allows her to put both her unusual gift for psychometry as well
as her talents as a thief to good use. This fast-paced adventure provides
all the action, romance and thrills
a reader could ask for.

Raven's job at the Antiquities Preservation Institute is to recover stolen art and artifacts. If this requires a little burglary, so much the better. Then a simple auction purchase sets Raven on a desperate quest to save her kidnapped elderly partner.

Former cop Dax Maddox left the force after the murder of his partner and is obsessed with finding the man who pulled the trigger. Dax doesn't trust Raven, but her kidnapper and Dax's murderer may be one and the same. What neither realizes is that this is an elaborately orchestrated game of revenge that will have deadly consequences.

(WARNER FOREVER, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith