Image of Silence (Queen of the Dead)


Image of Silence (Queen of the Dead)

Brilliant storyteller Sagara heads in a new direction with her Queen of the Dead series. She does an excellent job of breathing life into not only her reluctant heroine, but also the supporting players in this dramatic and spellbinding series starter. There is a haunting beauty to this story of love, loss and a teenager’s determination to do the right thing. Do not miss out!

Having lost her father and her boyfriend to untimely death, grief-stricken Emma is just going through the motions when she runs into Eric, the new boy at school, in a graveyard at night. With him is a strange, ancient woman. When the woman touches Emma, Emma turns deathly cold and passes out. When she awakens she discovers she can see and even touch the dead, making them visible to others. Eric is part of a group that hunts necromancers, but he doesn’t want to kill Emma, especially since she is not acting like a typical power-hungry necromancer. Can Emma resist the lure of power? (DAW, May, 304 pp., $17.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith