Heiress Cameron Somerton was 6 years old when she was kidnapped. She wasn't found until after her mother died in a ballooning accident and the gardener purportedly committed suicide, leaving a note confessing to the kidnapping. Now, 28 years later, Haydon, the gardener's son and Cameron's childhood friend, returns to the scene of the crime to find out what really happened.

For Cameron, the trauma of her kidnapping and the loss of her mother changed her completely. The experience still haunts her in nightmares and in the daytime by her escalating forgetfulness. She even hears whispers of a child calling for her mommy. But is Cameron really on the verge of losing her mind, or could her stepfather be helping to push her over the edge? Will Haydon and Cameron's growing relationship be strong enough to survive the revelations of what really happened 28 years ago?

This is a absorbing mystery with a touch of the paranormal. Though some things are quite apparent right from the start, the bits and pieces that gradually come to light are skillfully brought out, and the story comes to an intriguing conclusion. (Jul., 400 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley