Image of Silenced By Syrah (A Wine Lover's Mystery)


Image of Silenced By Syrah (A Wine Lover's Mystery)

Scott's third entry in her Wine Lovers series is a hit with its taut plot, quirky and appealing characters, sharp dialogue and excellent mystery. Scott is a rising star of cozy mysteries.

Nikki Sands pairs wines and food with the touch of an artist and follows clues to crimes with the skill of a detective, but she can't seem to decide between two attractive men. Is she in love with winemaker Andres Fernandez enough to go to Spain with him, or is it her boss, Derek Malveaux, she loves, and how does he really feel about her?

Meanwhile, the opening of a hotel and restaurant on Malveaux Estates is creating a lot of excitement thanks to demanding chef Georges Debussey. But when he's found murdered in his Syrah bath at the establishment's plush salon, the Napa Valley is really abuzz. Now, despite being warned off by the sexy but hostile detective investigating the case, Nikki tries to find out if Georges' two-timing mistress, newly discovered daughter, crooked accountant or business partner did him in. Or did somebody else off the flamboyantly arrogant chef? (Berkley Prime Crime, Mar., 256 pp., $6.99)
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Pat Cooper