Detective Jack Parker is in the midst of one of his toughest cases, involving a serial stalker who's terrorizing several people bit by bit, upping the stakes. The only clue Jack has to go on is his suspect's penchant for erotica, so he searches for an expert on the subject to assist him.

Ronnie Archer is living in fear since her store, specializing in rare erotica, was robbed. She goes to the police and is mistaken for Jack's much needed expert. A confusing conversation leaves Ronnie frustrated and Jack intrigued, but she agrees to offer him her professional input.

As Jack and Ronnie delve into his case, erotica envelops them professionally and personally. But then their stalker begins committing homicide—and his next target might just be Ronnie.

Kenner's steamy tale of excitement and erotica provides immense satisfaction. She masterfully develops a strong plot while providing plenty of titillating scenes of passion certain to arouse readers and leave them waiting with baited breath for a Blaze sequel in July. (Apr., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson