This is an inspired and well-told story
of mystery, intrigue and the politics of upstairs and downstairs folk in 19th-century England. The author takes the reader back in time effortlessly. If you enjoy Jane Austen or the Regency period, you will love this book.

Olivia Keene is running away from home, believing herself guilty of a crime. Eventually she stumbles upon a grand estate where a celebration is in progress. But all is not as joyous as it seems. Lord Bradley has just learned a terrible secret which, if exposed, will change his life forever. He's stunned to discover an intruder -- a woman with her throat badly injured. Fearing she overheard his secret, he gives the girl a post as governess and confines her to his estate. As he fights a strong attraction to her, he discovers Olivia has a secret of her own. (BETHANY HOUSE, Jan., 448 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes