After several young children in Blackwood, Oklahoma die from leukemia, their parents begin an investigation that leads them to believe that the Blaylock corporation illegally dumped toxic materials and poisoned the water supply. Tulsa attorney Ben Kincaid, who has the instincts of Lochinvar, doesnt want to take the tough and costly case but when he meets the parents, his heart goes out to them, and he knows this will be the battle of a lifetime. Meanwhile, a sadistic killer carefully stalks his victims, all of whom are connected to the Blaylock corporation. As Ben seems destined to go down for the count, it becomes apparent that the water may not be the only thing the Blaylock company poisoned. Superb storytelling, a masterful plot, edge-of-the-seat suspense, and a hero to die for make SILENT JUSTICE a one of a kind reading experience. William Bernhardt is a master of the legal thriller and SILENT JUSTICE shows him at the height of his abilities. (Mar., 480 pp., $7.50—Hardcover published February 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg