Best-selling author Devon James never dreamed that one night at the Stafford Inn in Connecticut would change her life forever. Recovering from a devastating divorce, Devon has been engaged to Michael Galveston for nearly two years, but just can't bring herself to set a date for the wedding.

Devon had hoped that a romantic stay at a quaint old inn would put some spark into their relationship; what she got was a terrifying night filled with ghostly visions and apparitions. Devon is haunted by both the images and the knowledge she gained that night. For Devon believes that a child was murdered in that house and a young girl raped and abused. For her own peace of mind, Devon decides to uncover the truth about the old house, and base her new book on that research.

Michael worries that Devon's preoccupation with ghosts and paranormal phenomena will hinder his chances for advancement in his company and wants Devon to quit. Fearing her investigation will hurt his already injured young son Alexander, Jonathan Stafford, head of Stafford Enterprises, is also determined that Devon cease her investigation. Jonathan is willing to do whatever is necessary to make her quit, including offering her a million dollars not to write the story.

Despite her attractions to the handsome Jonathan, Devon refuses to quit. She must see this through to the end for her own sanity's sake, as well as the souls of those trapped in that house. But what will it cost her?

Versatile author Kasey Mars has written an enthralling tale of love, trust and ghostly vengeance guaranteed to give you hours of reading pleasure. Editor's Note: Kasey Mars is a pseudonym for Kat Martin.

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith