Coel's latest Wind River Mystery skillfully weaves the story of the murders of two men of the same family -- one in the 1920s, the other in the present -- into a complicated mystery of rites,
rituals, tradition and family.

Father John O'Malley and Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden are on the case when the body of ex-con Kiki Wallowingbull is found on the banks of the Little Wind River. Though the murder looks like the result of a drug deal gone bad, Kiki's parents swear the boy has been clean since his last stint in prison and had been obsessed with discovering the truth behind his great-great-grandfather's disappearance back in 1923.

The only one not to return home from Hollywood after a group of Arapahos and Shoshones were hired to film a movie, the rumor has always been that Charlie simply abandoned his pregnant young wife for another life. The family, however, always believed he'd been murdered. Now, they think Kiki was killed by someone who will do anything to keep the past buried. It's up to Vicki and Father John to find the answers. (BERKLEY PRIME CRIME, Sep., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper