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Image of Silent Truth (B.A.D.: Bureau of American Defense)


Image of Silent Truth (B.A.D.: Bureau of American Defense)

This story suffers from too much length and moments of disjointedness, where the characters suddenly do something that makes you blink. A thin plot and obvious author shifts add to the disjointedness. But, like illicit sweets, fans of the series will have to know how the BAD series progresses.

Hunter Thornton-Payne may come from great wealth, but he's been dedicated to the Bureau of American Defense for years. His one true friend died on a mission four years ago and Hunter is determined to find the killer. He attends a gala fundraiser for a women's center in Chicago. Members of a shadowy terrorist organization are rumored to be attending the gala, as is the assassin Hunter seeks. Much to his surprise, the familiar face he sees at the party is a woman from his past, Abbie Blanton.

An investigative reporter, Abbie's mother is suddenly stricken gravely ill after a visit to the women's center and Abbie's determined to find out why. Before the evening ends, Hunter and Abbie are on the run, trying to guess the mastermind behind an escalating conspiracy. (POCKET, Apr., 480 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan