Jamie Gunn is a true Highlander, proud, honorable and willing to die for his clan. When his aunt, the Reverend Mother Ailis, is taken hostage for protecting a girl, Gilliane, from being taken as the ruthless Guy de Orbrecs bride, Jamie is determined to rescue her.

Jamie knows Gilliane is the key to his aunts freedom, but he cannot imagine her as de Orbrecs bride. He would have her as his own wife before he would turn her over to a villain like deOrbrec.

But Clan Gunn has more problems then saving Sister Ailis. A rivalry with the neighboring clan escalates into war, and when their enemies join forces, only skill, bravery, determination and the love they share will allow Jamie and Gilliane to succeed.

Though there is plenty of action, SILK AND STEELs emotional power gives the story great intensity. The accurate and colorful picture of Scotland and the glimpse Ms. Michaels gives readers of the Highlanders heart and soul place this tale above and beyond the traditional Scottish romance. An added attraction is the tantalizing peek at Davey, who will be the next Gunn hero. SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aileen Kennedy