Tempest Boucher is acting CEO of the multimillion-dollar corporation Boucher Enterprises, but she keeps a modest apartment in Chelsea, where on weekends she can work on her secret passion, sculpture. Rushing there one day to catch her favorite TV soap, she finds the apartment trashed and a threatening note left for her on the computer. New York police detective Wesley Shaw is investigating a murder with ties to one of Boucher Enterprises' businesses, the dating service Is it, as an informant claims, a front for prostitution? Does the beautiful heiress have something to hide? And can Tempest keep her life from turning into a soap opera like the one she watches? Silk Confessions (4.5) by Joanne Rock is wonderful. Tempest and Wesley are strong, attractive characters with serious heat between them, and the mystery works. Plus Tempest's soap opera appreciation is a fun addition.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor