Image of Silk Is For Seduction (The Dressmakers Series)


Image of Silk Is For Seduction (The Dressmakers Series)

Chase seeks the unusual in plot and characters and always presents readers with an exciting, different and magical love story. Here she takes an ingenious and ambitious commoner and pits her against an aristocrat. Then Chase adds her signature humor, clever storytelling and intelligent plot, melding all the ingredients into a delectable treat of a read.

All Marcelline Noroit desires is to turn her dress shop into a flourishing fashion empire. Along with her sisters she has built up her business and is ready for the step that will catapult them into the ton’s eye. She just needs a client who will be noticed and finds her when she learns the Duke of Clevedon is to wed. All she has to do is convince his fiancée that a wedding gown from her shop will make her the bride of the century. To that end Marcelline relies on her wits and wiles to flirt and attract Clevedon’s attention. Her plan works, a bit too well. Clevedon is overwhelmingly drawn to Marcelline and sees her as a challenge, a prize he cannot resist. Marcelline begins feeling desires for the duke. Their blossoming romance sets off a battle of wills and the ton watches as they break all the rules. But when a fire threatens everything Marcelline holds dear will she relinquish her love for her business? (AVON, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin