Lauren Bennett has been on the run -and without a man -for so long she doesn't know how to trust anyone. Her body, however, still knows how to respond to the latent sensuality of a sexy, virile man -like the handsome client who's just signed a hefty contract with her firm. If only she'd been arrogant and bossy, she could have ignored him, like the others, but he's melting her defenses with his gentle touch and compassionate heart.

Wealthy businessman Jordan Hamilton has his own agenda concerning Lauren. As his well orchestrated plans progress, he gets himself caught in his own trap -he's fallen hard and fast for the irresistible but aloof Lauren. Now, he must decide if he wants justice, revenge or Lauren.

Francis Ray has added another flawless diamond to her literary tiara in this sassy, sensual, scintillating romance. Congratulations, your highness. (Aug., 251 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson