Readers will relish taking a bite out of this not-to-be-missed second installment of the Princes of the Underground series. Kery shows us another side of vampires and shapeshifters, which proves them to be far more than prudish teenagers who glisten in the sun. Fascinating characters and an original story of betrayal make this sexually explicit paranormal romance stand out from the rest.

Lord Delraven, Blaise Sevliss has lived a very long life of loss and suffering and exists solely to save as many humans as he can from his evil clone. Actress Isabel Lanscourt is captured by Morsheil in hopes that she can be a portal to the crystal obelisk that produces a great source of energy. A gifted psychic, Isabel acquires even more powerful telepathic abilities after waking from a coma, and Blaise is drawn to her also, but has a need to save her from Morsheil instead of using her for her talent. Isabel awakens a hunger in Blaise he’s never felt before, and her healing touch and tender love may just rescue him from his eternal sorrow at last. (SAMHAIN, Nov., 227 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi