Image of A Silken Thread


Image of A Silken Thread

When a favorite author introduces new characters who aren’t tied to any previous works, expectations are going to be high. Jackson does not disappoint. The families in Hattersville, Ohio, have an intriguing story to tell. The secrets tying all of the characters together are well crafted. When you think you’ve figured out one angle, another twist pops up in this first-class page-turner. It is totally impressive how the author manages to make the infidelity situation not only palatable, but to leave readers cheering at the outcome!

Erica Sanders and Brian Lawson meet, fall in love and move toward their dream wedding with all the hope and love they should have. But as a member of the one of the first families of Hattersville, Erica’s mother has other ideas. She has no problem manipulating the people in her life, nor dealing with the destruction that follows. There are two other couples involved in all this drama. Erica’s best friend April has loved Griffin since her teen years and — surprise! — he loves her back. But Mrs. Sanders has decreed that Griffin must marry Erica. Throw in the romance that develops between Brian’s mother and Erica’s father, and Peyton Place is reborn as A Silken Thread. (KIMANI, Mar., 368 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins