Patricia Ryan has taken the concept of the movie mystery Rear Window, and placed it in the world of medieval London, proving that a good story is timeless.

Graeham Fox arrives in London on his overlords orders to free Ada le Fever from an unhappy marriage to an unfaithful husband. When hes attacked by thugs, Graeham is forced to recuperate in the home of Joanna Chapman, a silk merchants widow.

Joanna does not trust handsome men, but she cant turn down Graehams generous proposal to rent a room whose rear window overlooks the le Fevers front door. He watches and listens and waits, for he suspects some kind of foul play.

Both try to deny their attraction to the other, and Graeham holds a tight reign on his desires. But they are lured into the mystery surrounding Adas strange illness. As the web of suspense tightens around them so do their passions grow.

SILKEN THREADS resonates with the sounds, smells, intrigues and passions of the Middle Ages. Add engaging characters, authentic historical details and a well-crafted mystery and you have a delectable tapestry whose threads glide like silk through the pages. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin